About Us

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We pride ourselves on our customer focus and delivering solutions efficiently, effectively, within budget and time constraints. Our standard of Production, Quality, Innovative Ideas, Customer Support and Reliability have made us market leaders in our field.

We are a one-stop shop that can offer a unique range of “in-house” facilities from our 4300m2 factory. These resources allow us to service customer needs in a way that is rarely possible in today’s marketplace where outsourcing is standard practice.

• CAD Design
• Joinery
• Metalwork
• Membrane Pressing
• Vacuum Forming
• Line Bending
• Edge Banding
• CNC Machining
• Acrylic Etching
• LED Technology

Meeting Needs


Our quality assurance procedures guarantee that we constantly deliver the highest standard in all our products. Leisure Technique is responsive to the needs of our customers and their clients. Every product is closely inspected during the manufacturing process which is designed to underpin and progress the drive for excellence in our field.


We constantly review day to day processes, identifying new and innovative ways of manufacturing to produce the best results at the lowest price. We are able to provide an end product which will meet with both the customers’ expectation as well as their budget.

Bespoke Solutions

We have a highly creative design and development team including Product Design, Engineering and CAD/CAM Operatives which enables us to deliver an extensive range of techniques to turn your concepts into reality. We believe in working closely with our customers in order to fully understand their needs and requirements.



We have an enviable array of woodworking machinery and combined with our highly skilled and widely experienced team, our manufacturing expertise ensures that we provide top quality end products.

CNC Machines
• 1 x Pratix 48
• 6 x Record 220 with multi-bore side drill facility
• 1 x Record 220 twin head
• 1 x Record 130

Edge Banding
• 1 x Ligmatech Optimat MPH30
• 1 x Brant Legatech Boomerang

• 1 x Hozma Optimat Beam Saw
• 1 x Optimat Angle Plant – high volume cutting
• 1 x SCM T110 Spindle Moulder
• 1 x SandyA1 Uno Sanding Machine
• 1 x Unosand Multi 140 Sanding Machine
• 1 x Startrite 351 Multi Borer
• 1 x Altendorf F45 Dimension Saw
• 1 x Spindle Moulder
• 2 x Spray Booths for fine quality paint and lacquer finishes


Vacuum Forming and Membrane Pressing

Vacuum Forming

We offer a comprehensive design service and in conjunction with our in-house tooling facilities can provide a cost effective solution for all your prototyping or production requirements.
• 1 x Formech FM1
• 1 x Formech FM660
• 1 x Formech 300X

Membrane Pressing

This is a process that heats Kydex/Vinyl until it is formable. A vacuum is first applied from below and then the membrane pushes down from above to form the material into shape. Membrane pressing adds positive pressure to the surface of the component part after the vacuum cycle has begun to help force it into the profile and around the bottom edge of the part. We have used this facility to manufacture a diverse array of products from free-standing units for retail stores, shelves and plinths to large commercial fridge and freezer end panels. Our Optimat MFP 250/MT Masterform Press is capable of forming parts to a maximum size of 2500mm x 1200mm


Metalwork Fabrication

A complete 3D Design to Manufacture process which is produced in our “showroom” style workshop. We manufacture the highest quality products in sheet metal.

Our equipment comprises of the following:
• 2 x Amada lasers
• 1 x Amada 31 station turret press – 2.5m x 1.25m
• 1 x 4-7 axis press break
• 1 x 2-4 axis press break
• 2 x Press machines for all types of fixings and inserts
We also offer a powder coating facility to provide that professional finishing touch to your products.


Acrylic Etching and Lamination

Acrylic Etching

Using our 3D CAD design facilities along with our CNC machinery, we are able to etch any design, logo or text into
Acrylic. Using this technique alongside our LED Technology to pass coloured light through an object, you can have a
truly unique and distinct item.


We have the facilities on site to bond laminates to a client’s specification.

There is also the facility for Post Forming:
• 1 x Nip roller laminating press
• Hand lamination
• 1 x Geoform post former


Specialist Materials


Kydex is an extremely durable thermoplastic alloy, extruded to withstand levels of extreme abuse. Products manufactured in this material will have a life expectancy 5 times longer than using HPL. We have refined our development with Kydex to provide a complete range of products from simple shelves, doors and frames to complex and exotic items of furniture.


We are registered manufacturers of Corian. Corian is a solid surface material which is an advanced blend of natural minerals, pigments and pure Acrylic polymer. It is easy to clean, stain resistant and highly durable. This product can be curved, moulded and routed. It also joins seamlessly, eliminating joints where dirt, germs and mildew can hide. This product is ideal for kitchen and bathroom work surfaces, reception desks, cash desks and leisure centre changing rooms. With a wide range of colours available you can let your imagination run free.

Knock-in T-Bar Edging

T-Bar profiles are ideal for personalising any piece of furniture. This product is available in widths from 7mm to 72mm with a vast range of colours.


LED Technology

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is a rapidly advancing field where the quality and colour of light can be used to stunning effect in display and shop fitting applications. The power and efficiency of the light sources available is improving continuously so that it is now possible to match and even exceed the efficiency of fluorescent lighting. The range of applications, sizes and arrangements possible with LED technology extends far beyond merely replacing traditional lamp shapes and sizes. Leisure Technique has access to many different suppliers of modules and assemblies and we have the in-house capability to design a bespoke array to the most intricate and demanding customer requirements.

The advantages of LED illumination include the following:
• High efficiency (Lumens per watt)
• Long life (years of operation without maintenance)
• Consistent and even illumination
• Low voltage operation
• Versatile mounting
• Linear, Point and Flood sources
• Flexible substrates
• Self-adhesive mounting
• Clip or holder fixing
• Screw fixing
• No ultraviolet to fade illuminated items
• Cool light (no unwanted infra-red to heat objects)

LED light sources include pure Red, Green and Blue which can be controlled and mixed to produce any desired colour to match your corporate colours or changed periodically or
continuously for an eye catching effect.

In conjunction with engraved plastics, which can be flat or curved; we can embellish or enhance a desk, reception area, display wall………Your imagination is our inspiration. Special techniques allow us to back light artwork over large poster areas efficiently and with little depth or waste heat therefore, increasing the space available for storage. Portable display devices can be created with rechargeable power sources to allow cord-free transportable point of sale presentations.

Using the latest Digital LCD technology we can supply any size of screen with indoor or outdoor capability that will sequence pictures or advertising film promotions without the need for a
separate computer. Updates can be by plug-in card or over a network. Removing the need for a computer, keeps the power down, increases reliability and allows portable operation.

Talk to us about your ideas, we can turn them into reality.