Electronic, ATM’s & Charge Racks

Most Bingo operators now use hand held wireless terminals as part of their operation as they save paper tickets and the customer can easily play a greater number of books than when marking paper tickets – thereby increasing their chance of winning as well as increasing the prize pot by spending more in the first place.

Whilst we are not directly involved in the leasing of these devices we do design and manufacture charge racks for most of the current system providers as well as building a system linked ATM. This uses the server customer account details and can be used by the customer with their membership card to add credit to their account to buy books or to take out winnings at the end of the session.

The ATM allows early arrivals to beat the rush without having to have a member of staff present and reduces queuing at the book sales point. Many customers appreciate the confidentiality that an ATM allows – what they spend and what they win is between them and the system. Our standard unit can be painted and dressed to suit your corporate image and will quickly become part of an efficient and smooth operation.

We have designed, built and installed a number of fixed electronic systems whereby the touch-screen unit is externally powered (no batteries or charge points needed) – these are fully compatible (and can be used alongside) hand held units whilst allowing a larger, brighter screen which many customers will find advantageous. They are often integrated with standard MCB positions, are usually wired to the network and can be targeted at high-rollers.